Robot SMS




When enabled, RobotSMS automatically replies to any text or call you receive.
A clean interface allows you to register the appropriate reply when you are driving, meeting, sleeping, at the movies etc.

Selected message is prefixed automatically with the contact’s name, while there is also an option to force silent mode when RobotSMS is enabled.
A handy On/Off widget displaying the number of auto-replies, provides an easy interaction with the app.

In order to avoid multiple auto-replies to the same contact, RobotSMS by default ignores SMS/calls received from the same contact within one hour.

Main Window

On top of main window there are four consecutive buttons. The first Toggle enable button on top left, which is self-explanatory,  enables/disables the RobotSMS service. The next one is the Options button which redirects you to the Enable Options Window, explained below. The next two buttons,are the controls (add/remove) for your custom auto-reply messages. There is no limitation for the messages you can register, while the currently selected message is displayed in the drop down menu. By clicking on it you can switch to another message that represents your current status, e.g “I’m currently in a meeting, I will call you back later”.

Enable Options Window

In the Enable Options Window you may enable/disable the auto-replies in missed/canceled calls, besides to received SMS which is the default operation. You may also restrict the auto-replies to contacts that already exist in your Contact list, while there is also an option to force Silent mode when the service is enabled.


A handy widget, increasing the ease-of-use significantly is provided with RobotSMS. Through this widget you may on/off the service, without opening the app, while you also have a real-time display of the auto-replies that were sent after the service was enabled.

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